MASTIFF La Pucelle – Tactics – Software Publisher’s Description:

MASTIFF La Pucelle: Tactics review:

4 stars (LA Pucelle: Tactics) – This game is very good. You could buy item or equipment hat would help you in you journey. This game also lets you train monster that you obtained during your travels or whatever. Since it has the name Tactics you might know what kinds of battle system they use to fiht enemies. This game is quite easy and has a fast leveling system. This game starts with a girl named Prier the main character, Culotte, Prier little brother, and Aoloutte, Prier and Culotte’s teacher. This game could be fun if you like anime very much. Good Luck!!! 4 stars (cute monsters, endless playtime) – This game is not advertised that much and I only knew it through looking through rpg’s that just came out. However La Pucelle is a pretty unique game that follows tactical strategic games such as final fantasy tactics. Storyline is okay, monsters are cute, almost feel bad for killing them, playtime is almost endless. I didn’t get to finish it yet but I would recommend it for anyone who loves RPG’s and willing to try out tactical games. It is a long game though, and has a twist in the middle. I personally chose “japanese” sound version because I felt like I was reading a storybook when I chose english. Pretty good game overall. 3 stars (a big set back) – I bought this game because I loved Disgaea (another game from this games company). I ordered this online and was so happy the day it arrived in the mail. I was so excited, I had heard all kinds of cool things about it on the internet and in magazines. When I stuck the disc in, the bad graphics didn’t really hit me at first. The story was that same wacky stuff most japanese games have, and the battles are okay. But I was so used the the fast paced fighting (well, as fast as a strategy rpg can get), that this game battle system just seemed archaic to me. I mean, the navigation is basically the same, moving from square to square on the big grid map, trying to kill off your foes. But as soon as I went to hit an enemy, I found that every time I attacked, the game had to “zoom in” on the battle. It turns to a side-scrolling view and lets the characters go at it. It was a neat idea at first, but after a while, you just start to wish your guys would just freakin’ attack the enemy without the need to zoom in. It’s just irritating. Then I got a little further into the game, to a port city, where I found out that the game would have looked dull even as a first-gen PS One game. Then it started to get pretty hard, almost unfairly hard. All of a sudden I was getting my ass kicked when I’d been trotting along so well through the rest of the battles. I’m not saying I don’t like the occasional challenge or mind-bending task, but cheap battles and deaths just aren’t my thing. So with bad graphics, no-fun combat, and a boring story, La Pucelle: Tactics is a hit or miss. If you like terrible graphics and boring gameplay, you’ll like this. But if you want something I would like to call fun, get disgaea: hour of darkness. It’s a much better game.

MASTIFF La Pucelle: Tactics Features:

  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Sony PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 2
  • Role Playing Games (rpg, rpgs)
  • Fast leveling system – Character skills increase quickly. No more waiting around for those awesome combos & powers
  • Plan out your strategy — use your tactical knowledge to lead units into battle, achieving victory
  • Carry up to 149 items at once — and use your powers to strengthen items in real-time
  • Use your powers to purify defiled ground and enemies — defeating them in an all-new way
  • Over 100 hours of gameplay with multiple endings