PS2 Haunting Ground | Part 2

The enemies held my attention more and were certainly more imposing than those in “Clocktower 3”, the release that “Haunting Ground” comes closest to mimicking. You go through four enemies in this game, and each one is faster and smarter than the last. First, you’re going to be pursued by Debilitas, a strangely-lovable, Quasimodo-esque groundskeeper. Then you’re stuck with the the emotionless, calculating maid, Daniella, followed by a hooded clone with a revolver (luckily, he’s […]

PS2 Haunting Ground | Part 1

PS2 Haunting Ground – Software Publisher’s Description: PS2 Haunting Ground review: 5 stars (Better than Silent Hill and Clock Tower 3!) – A very well-designed game! I bought this game because I loved Clock Tower 3, which share a similar mechanism with this game. When I tried Haunting Ground, I found that it is even better than its precedessor. Pros: The idea of hiding place. Instead of carrying shotguns in the Silent Hill series, you […]

Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver – Software Publisher’s Description: Red Dead Revolver review: 4 stars (never been done this good ever!!!!) – this is a good solid game i love it but very hard in throught the game also no one i lnow no company i know has done a good old western game like this rockstar is truely the best company gaming ever in the world still will be with more games coming like manhunt 2, […]

PS2 Major League Baseball 2K5

PS2 Major League Baseball 2K5 – Software Publisher’s Description: PS2 Major League Baseball 2K5 review: 2 stars (Just like the other ESPN games: all talk.) – OK, so at first glance, this game was great. The graphics and authentic ESPN cut screens were exciting and really just plain cool. And I enjoyed the first few games I played. The more I played though, the more and more I got frustrated. There are two kinds of […]

Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2

Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2 – Software Publisher’s Description: Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2 review: 5 stars (I can finally play as Bently,awsome!) – When I first played the original Sly game it was a blast. Now I play sly 2 and I like it even more. I mean I actually have a health bar now. It used to be that one hit you die, now you can take […]

Champions of Norrath

Champions of Norrath – Realms of EverQuest – Software Publisher’s Description: Champions of Norrath – Realms of EverQuest review: 4 stars (Good RPG game) – Good game, if you like the type. Even though this is like the countless amount of hack and slash RPG games out there this is still good. This game has typical graphics but great music and sound effects. Definately worth checking out, you’ll spend quite a few hours playing this. […]

The Lord of the Rings Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings Two Towers – Software Publisher’s Description: Dear Peter Jackson and company: Please accept this thank-you for making the last couple of weeks feel like Christmas. Your game The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is such an unbelievable treat that we’ve been playing it nonstop. Every person who has seen the spectacular graphics agrees: whereas others may have created a crappy movie tie-in game, you folks have made a […]

Harry Potter – the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter – the Chamber of Secrets – Software Publisher’s Description: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets review: 4 stars (Good game with some flaws..) – Overall, the game is great! The storyline is pretty much the same as the book and the movie, with some changes. The graphics are also very good, as are the sounds. I’m sure you’ve heard everything good about the game, but here are some flaws I’ve noticed so […]

Suikoden IV

Suikoden IV – Software Publisher’s Description: Suikoden IV review: 3 stars (Meh…) – Well well well. What can I say about Suikoden IV? First thing’s first, I guess. This game was really quite good, yet… it was somehow lacking. The Suikodens have always been some of the least known about yet hardest to find games. They were always great quality. Not to say that this one isn’t, it’s just bad compared to the others. It […]

PS2 DDR Extreme

PS2 DDR Extreme – Software Publisher’s Description: PS2 DDR Extreme review: 2 stars (SUCKS ) – the way this game is set up is extremely lame. if you loved ddr max and even more so ddr max 2 you’re going to hate this. the songs suck, the layout sucks, this game SUCKS. the only thing cool is it makes a graph of your weight vs how many calories you burn each time you play. it’s […]

MASTIFF La Pucelle – Tactics

MASTIFF La Pucelle – Tactics – Software Publisher’s Description: MASTIFF La Pucelle: Tactics review: 4 stars (LA Pucelle: Tactics) – This game is very good. You could buy item or equipment hat would help you in you journey. This game also lets you train monster that you obtained during your travels or whatever. Since it has the name Tactics you might know what kinds of battle system they use to fiht enemies. This game is […]