PS2 DDR Extreme – Software Publisher’s Description:

PS2 DDR Extreme review:

2 stars (SUCKS ) – the way this game is set up is extremely lame. if you loved ddr max and even more so ddr max 2 you’re going to hate this. the songs suck, the layout sucks, this game SUCKS. the only thing cool is it makes a graph of your weight vs how many calories you burn each time you play. it’s not worth it. a pure waste of 40 dollars.5 stars (Best…. Game…. EVER!!!!) – DDR extreme is honestly the best game that i have ever played. It seriously is. My favorite songs are 321STARS and kick the can.. just because they rock. Other songs i like are Maximiser, Drop out, and B4U. I rate this game 5 stars and i mean it. I also have DDRMAX which also rocks.4 stars (Fun, engaging and exciting sequel…) – There’s been a lot of negativity brewing about this latest release in the DDR family, but with a much more accessible tracklist and some newer American hits (Move Your Feet, Planet Rock, Kids in America) as well as some forgotten DDR favorites, DDRMAX Extreme is definitely a good follow-up. It doesn’t merit the criticism it has been receiving.

The gameplay is essentially the same, and with the addition of background dancers to choose from, players can not only beat levels to earn new songs, but they can also earn new dancers, as well as the different modes of gameplay (Party Mode, Endless Mode).

While the selection of songs might be more exciting than DDRMAX 2, the difficulty of levels is essentially less intimidating and more accessible to DDR beginners, save for naturally challenging tracks (Legend of Max, Drop Out, Maximizer). Hence, those players really seeking an EXTREME gameplay experience as the title suggests will be slightly disappointed.

Yet, as more songs are earned, players will have the opportunity to earn deft remixes of several of Extreme’s hit songs (B4U, Higher, Drop Out, Tsugaru, Ecstasy).

In addition to the other PS2 releases in the same family, DDRMAX Extreme should a welcome component to anyone’s collection.

PS2 DDR Extreme Features:

  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Sony Playstation (Play station) 2
  • Playstation2 (Play station2)
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • With the EyeToy support, players will now be able to appear in the game as themselves in both single and two player modes
  • Over 70 new songs — with more than 100 minutes of new music from club favorites like Duran Duran, Junior Senior, BT and more
  • Wild new game modes like Watch Me Dance — players can participate in the background events of a video, while they dance
  • New Hands And Feet mode gives you visual clues about thenext move, while Clean The Screen challenges you to remove all obstcales on screen with your hands
  • Fantastic next-generation graphics recreate the blistering excitement of the arcade hit