PS2 Major League Baseball 2K5 – Software Publisher’s Description:

PS2 Major League Baseball 2K5 review:

2 stars (Just like the other ESPN games: all talk.) – OK, so at first glance, this game was great. The graphics and authentic ESPN cut screens were exciting and really just plain cool. And I enjoyed the first few games I played. The more I played though, the more and more I got frustrated. There are two kinds of frustrated: one is when you’re losing because you’re catching bad breaks and the other team is just beating you, and the other is when RIDICULOUS things are happening, and they’re just ruining your feeling of authenticity (not to mention your record). This game needed a LOT more play-testing, because there are some serious glitches not only in the authenticity realm, but also in the video game realm.

  1. The infamous “passed ball” glitch, where, with runners on base, and usually late in the game, the pitcher unexplainedly throws a wild pitch (or two, or three…). Never does that happen so many times in real life. I get at least two per game. Not kidding.
  2. Computer baserunning. I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost a baserunner in scoring position because, for some reason, the computer decides to send my runner back to second when he’s 2/3 of the way to third. This has happened in two major scenarios: on a base hit to left field, the outfielder will throw toward or across the 2nd-3rd base path, and also on passed balls when the catcher reaches the ball. Overall, baserunning controls are good, but this glitch is SO frustrating. Poor AI design.
  3. You can’t hit a ball outside of the strike zone. At least not that I’ve seen. Even if I’m aiming right at it, I’ll swing WAY off. I’ve guessed perfectly at a barely low/outside ball, and the batter lunges high.
  4. Completely unrealistic timing, especially on bunts. I’ve had PERFECT bunts, and had my lead runner thrown out. I think once I even had a double play turned on me. In addition to that, there are some ridiculous double plays that should never happen. There are WAY more in a game than there should be. Oh, and I’ve been thrown out at first from RIGHT FIELD. That should say something.
  5. Poor fielding controls. Everything from being on the completely wrong player to having over-sensitive controls and asinine R-stick plays.
  6. Bad replay interface. This is just plain horrible, and ESPN should be ashamed. The angles are all bad, especially if it’s ANY fly ball, and the controls are not intuitive at all.
  7. Slam zone. I love the feature of the “batter’s guess” (though the stick is over-sensitive), but I loathe the slam zone arcade twist. It’s cheesy, the computer is impossible to beat, and it happens way too often.
  8. My pitchers’ batting averages. They’re all WAY too high. My pitchers have hit home runs (yes, plural), and often go at least 2 for 3 in a game. This tells me that there isn’t enough difference given to batting attributes. And like I said, bunting is often a lost cause anyway.
  9. Lack of hit-and-run feature. Again, an element that would be great in improving the realism of the game.
  10. 2nd base pickoffs. One press of L1, and I can’t get back in time. First and third base are perfectly fine, even with two presses of L1.

So I have a lot of gripes that may seem insignificant, but what I’m going for in a baseball game is realism and the authentic baseball experience. ESPN looks flashy, and it puts up a good front, but – just like ESPN NFL and NHL – once you get into the game, it proves that they didn’t take the time enough to debug and go for authenticity. If you’re looking for a more arcade-ish game and one that will be a bit more exciting, maybe this one is good for you. But for those of you looking for a REAL baseball experience, go MVP, especially since there won’t be one next year. Until ESPN gets their act together, I’m not giving them another penny.1 stars (Not even close to MVP BASEBALL 2005.) – This game is really bad. I got this and MVP Baseball 2005 . MVP Baseball is the real deal. This game is awful. My son told me to play the other game (MVP Baseball 2005). 5 stars (A Great Suprise) – I bought this game for two reasons. One was the fact that I wanted a baseball game for my PS2 and the other is that it was only $20 compared to the two other new MLB games which are $40-$50. I thought that for the price the game would be okay for me (a brand new baseball fan *cough* *cough* NATIONALS)and it would be a good beginner. It was that and so much more. First of all let me say that the gameplay is amazing. There are some flaws with the baserunning (I have messed up sometimes because it is rather confusing) but overall the gameplay is great.