Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2 – Software Publisher’s Description:

Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2 review:

5 stars (I can finally play as Bently,awsome!) – When I first played the original Sly game it was a blast. Now I play sly 2 and I like it even more. I mean I actually have a health bar now. It used to be that one hit you die, now you can take a ton of hits and still stay alive. Another good thing about this game is that you can play aas Bently and Murray. Probally the best part about this game is the boss battles.5 stars (Such a GREAT Game) – This game was one of the best titles I played in a very long time. I congratulate Sucker Punch for making a game thats an a whole different magnitude of awesome.

You play as all 3 characters this time (Sly, Bentley, and Murry) trying to retrieve back the stolen Clockwerk parts from the Klaww Gang who are scattered throughout the world.

Unlike the first Sly Cooper, your binocucom tells you where to go – defeating the long frustrating hours of being lost. As stated above, you also get to play as all three characters this time – each with his own special talents abd missions that help you progress closer to your goal (Sly the thief, Bently the demolitionist, and Murry the muscle.). Graphically the game is stunning, although cartoony, it appears the techs took their time in carefully placing the lighting, every blade of grass, rocks, characters, everything. Just amazing. Not to mention the game wasn’t all that long either – but long enough for oyu to stay interested in, and possibly go running back for seconds. Also, in some parts of the game as Bentley, you get to play in an 8 bit, old style Nintendo, “hacker” mode. Nothing is better than 8 bit stuff haha

Theres nothing wrong with this game except that the enemies always seem to spot me no matter what. It’s probably just me with inferior gaming haha.4 stars (The thieves are back and better then ever!) – The thieving sly and the gang are back for another immense adventure! The Clockwork parts have been stolen and restored by the Klaww gang, and Sly the thieve, Murray the brawn, and Bentley the demolitions expert set out to steal the parts from the Klaww gang before they’re used for terrible malevolence.

Sly now as the ability to pick pocket guards and his walk is much sneakier. His binocucom is has also been upgraded to highlight where you have to go next.

Murray and Bentley are now fully playable characters and they both have their advantages. Murray can take out guards without breaking a sweat, and he can pick up heavy objects with ease.

Bentley can use his crossbow to shoot sleeping darts to temporarily knock the guards into a deep sleep, and he can drop his bomb to finish them off.

You also use Bentley to sell stolen jewelry and use the money to buy different gadgets for the whole gang, like a cloud of smoke for sly so you can disappear from guards or fire fists for Murray to take out guards faster.

Paris, Prague, India, and The Canadian Wilderness are just some of the settings in the game.

The game does have its flaws though. One of them is the graphics. They are adequately detailed in the game, but on the projector slides they are blocky and jagged. Even though it has very unique and fun levels.

fairly repetitive. You take reconnaissance photos, then you set everything up for the heist, the heist takes place, and it’s the same thing for the rest of the game.

Even though Sly 2: Band of Thieves has its flaws, it’s a sneaky thievius game!

Sly 2 Band of Thieves for PlayStation 2 Features:

  • Sony Playstation (Play station) 2
  • Playstation2 (Play station2)
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Interpol has excavated the robotic remains of Clockwerk and you need to ensure he is never reassembled
  • Explore unique and exciting landscapes in Paris, Prague, India, the Canadian Wilderness
  • Use stealth, thievery, platform adventure, combat, strategy, and exploration to accomplish your mission
  • An enhanced move set includes pick-pocketing, vent crawls, rooftop chases, plus a team of unique playable characters
  • For 1 player