I had a chance to sit (virtually) down with Marshall Kirkpatrick and have a thoroughly enjoyable discussion about the state of social software and Web 2.0 and its relevance to social change organizations — please feel free to check out the results on Netsquared (which you should also check out!). Thanks to Marshall for the thought-provoking questions (and for the really cool tag cloud Table of Contents).

Top ten blogger lies

Tap, tap… this thing on?

I return to any of you dear readers still left 😉 after traversing the burning fires of the Hawaiian sun (I swear I put sunscreen on but I think I forgot to tell my face about it) and the crowded, gadget-infested hallways of CES. Now that I’m back, you’ll have to put up with my blogging once again.

This was the first item that jumped out of my feeds and made me laugh: Gapingvoid’s Top Ten Blogger Lies.

imeem at Macworld?

Or maybe I should say that they almost went to Macworld? According to Red Herring, imeem was throwing a party for the new Mac version of their social software product right next door to Macworld. This news caught my eye and brought me out of my non-blogging cocoon — spun quite tight from too many months of working 16 hour days managing all things having to do with our 150 bloggers here at Weblogs, Inc.!

I have started to read my social feeds again and will be dropping back in here to give my .02 from time to time. Thanks to Brad Hill and Barb Dybwad for making The Social Software Weblog their blogging home too over these last months! Barb will be back soon, from Hawaii to CES 2006 and working alongside the rest of the Weblogs, Inc. team, she’s caught a bit of the same ‘cat corraling’ fever that i’ve been delirious with over this last year! Thanks for listening, and let me know if you’ve had a chance to try out this new Mac version of the imeem beta.