Tim Berners-Lee on the Social Web

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWW, started a blog! That alone would be the news. His first and only (so far, one presumes) entry was posted a week ago, and has attracted 431 worshipful comments. In it, Tim asserts that the first Web browser was a wiki-like client whose purpose was not only to read online pages, but to edit and repost them. The WWW, in other words, was originally (in 1989) conceived as a collaborative medium. Tim was surprised that the Web developed into a publishing medium that was edited offline. The recent poppularity of wikis and blogs makes Tim “feel I wasn’t crazy to think people needed a creative space.”

Please maintain radio silence

It’s not that we don’t thoroughly adore your contributions to the conversation here on the Social Software Weblog (wouldn’t be social without ya), but we need to close comments on the blog this weekend because we’ll be, um, having a massage. A real nice one with oil and new age background music, accompanied by a sento bath. So store up your musings and we’ll all have words with each other again on Monday. As long as they’re not words like squick. Thanks!

Rocketboom TiVo

Just saw that TiVo is now offering Rocketboom broadcast downloads. This is part of a larger project to offer videoblog content, and as such they’re also soliciting your videoblog content. Cool — now it’s not just the Akimbo folks getting fresh vlog content delivered to their TVs. Of course, many folks these days are forgoing the DVR altogether and hooking up computers to their TVs to function as media centers (raises hand). Out of curiosity — how many of you get your vlog content a) on your laptop or desktop, b) on your TV via attached computer, c) via DVR like Akimbo or TiVo? I suppose the related question is really “how many of you watch vlogs”?