The family that WoWs together

Because there has been a real danger of having this blog mistaken for the Unofficial Yahoo Weblog of late, I’ve got to change the subject. That subject, and my new obsession in my thin margin of “spare” time (when does time become “spare”? It’s like an “extra” cigarette… do they really exist?), is World of Warcraft. Yes, I went in with the noblest of intentions — research, pure, research — but I’ve been sucked in because you know what? This is what I’ve been craving from social software. WoW is a vast and startlingly real social metaverse I am exceedingly eager to spend time in. You can choose primarily solo play and certainly many do, but there are a number of quests and aspects of the game than can only be experienced socially, in groups with other players. And the most fun I’ve had is in banding together with guildmates and randomly encountered players, many of whom are more than eager to trade help on your quests for help with theirs (or who think nothing of offering no strings attached help).

Yahoo! Partners with Six Apart to Distribute Movable Type

Yahoo! has agreed to provide Movable Type as the default blogging solution in its extensive small-business suite of services. The other hand will get washed as parent company Six Apart directs small-business traffic to Yahoo! for a complete ISP/merchant/blogging package. There’s nothing new about Web-hosting accounts with Movable Type pre-installed; the Movable Type site has a recommendation page for such services, to which Yahoo! has not been added.

When I first glanced at the e-mail press release about this announcement, I expected to read that Yahoo! had acquired Six Apart—that would be an appropriate complement to Google’s ownership of Of course, Yahoo! provides a newbie-friendly blogging experience with Yahoo! 360, which could possibly be interpreted as competition to the much more established (and feature-rich) Blogger. But Six Apart’s three platform levels (Movable Type, TypePad, and Live Journal) cover all the bases and could vault Yahoo! into a whole new position in the blogging wars.

Yahoo gobbles up

Well, now, isn’t this fascinating — Yahoo acquired Wonder if this means I’ll be able to stop using the combination bookmarklet for and My Web 2.0 at some point and get one bookmarklet to rule them all. Automagic sync between and My Web 2.0 bookmarks? Or will the services get merged somehow? Anybody have predictions they want to throw down?